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AC Medical Services intends to bring bespoke Occupational Medicine and advice to companies previously restricted from such benefits. This restriction might be due to size, early start up or current financial climate. With a fixed low price per person on the work force, AC Medical Services remains a constant insurance policy for professional advice about medical considerations for your staff.

The £10 per staff member per annum covers direct advice, direct from Dr Connor (email or mobile). It is designed to answer more unusual and modern-day medical questions:

What is the range an individual might reasonably be off for condition “X”?
Could condition “X” affect a person at work?
Is condition “X” contagious to other staff?
If employee “A” has condition “X” could it effect employee “B”, who is/is not pregnant/ill/cancer treatment etc?
What tests should we be offering our staff because of hazard “X”?
What pre-screening or controls should or could be offered to employees or potential employees to reduce risk/hazard?
There are increasingly complex diagnoses such Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, Functional Neurological Syndrome, Functional Seizures and many more. What do they mean to you as the employer or the employee – AC Medical Services Ltd can help demystify some of the medicine.

The advice given for the basic retainer fee is generalised, with information that can be shared by email or a telephone conversation.


Where a situation is more complex, or the opinion may be required in legal matters, a more comprehensive assessment and report is available. A working knowledge of the employee role, current medical problems and related issues will be thoroughly explored before producing a written professional opinion that ensures a positive outcome for your business and the correct outcome for your employee(s). Assessments can either be done at our base, conveniently located in the East Midlands, just off Junction 27 M1 or where necessary assessment can be in the field (where occupational roles demand this understanding) or at your business. Seeing the employee in context can often avoid assumptions and miscalculations so often seen with occupational assessments from larger companies offering an increasingly reductionist service.

Mental Health has now superseded Low Back Pain as the leading cause of lost employment days. We can help with early intervention, support and treatment for staff. Private services (compared to the NHS) can be rapidly deployed, be more bespoke and take time over your employee’s health, resulting in faster and better outcomes for your employee(s) and an early return to work. So often with mental health issues, it is what the doctor says, not what is prescribed that can return a person to full mental health and therefore return to work. To complement this individual work and support we can supply training materials, talks, workshops and small group work – to try and ensure positive environments and keep your team mentally fit (so avoiding costly time off or staff turn-over)

Of course, we offer regular services expected of an Occupational Health Service:

  • Vaccination advice and delivery
  • Hand Arm Vibration assessment and screening
  • Hearing tests and screening
  • Pulmonary function assessment and screening
  • Ergonomic Assessments
  • Substance exposure testing and advice
  • Drug screening and testing

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