Medico Legal Services

Medico Legal Services

Having started compiling Insurance Industry reports in 2002 Dr Connor turned to medico-legal reports in 2006 and has produced over 12,000 reports in that time. Working closely with PREMEX in the time before MedCo, Dr Connor has engaged in continuous annual appraisals and educational conferences to ensure best practice, widening knowledge and consideration of the changes in this field. As a result, Dr Connor has true expertise and experience to be able to successfully argue causation, prognoses and advise on treatment and necessary investigations in most soft tissue injury cases arising from road Traffic Collisions, including low velocity claims. These same principals are equally applied to report for the wider field of Personal Injury Claims and Occupational Claims

With clinics running 6 days per week with options of appointment from 07:00 up to 20:00, we are confident we can find your claimant a suitable appointment. In comfortable, bespoke professional surroundings your client will be well looked after and leave feeling “heard” and confident that their experience will be appropriately conveyed, and their best interests protected.

Reports are constructed using the tools XPORT and WARP, with the claimant present and an additional screen facing the claimant, so they can check back that all information is recorded correctly. This allows rapid transfer of the finalised PDF report to the instruction MRO or solicitor. When instructed as a Direct Medical expert (DME) solicitors are welcome to contact the clinic directly by email or mobile phone to discuss the report or advise of amendments proposed after review by the team or claimant.

Service level expectations

  • Offer of an appointment after instruction – within 48 hrs
  • First appointment offered will be within 1 week of DME instructions and 2 weeks of MRO instructions (subject to approval and convenience of the claimant)
  • Return of report to DME instruction 24 hr and MRO 48 hr from the consultation
  • Amendment requests within 72 hr
  • Medical Records review (<300 pages) or supplementary reports within 1 week of request
  • Part 35 questions within 1 week of request


  • Unrepresented clients, no up front fee, report cost recovered via MedCo
  • Non attendance for unrepresented client report with no notice (less than 24 hr from appointment day and time)
    Arrival more than 30 minutes beyond appointment slot is considered non attendance   £90 
  • Basic MedCo compliant referenced report (no records) as DME £180 + VAT
  • Medical records as DME (under 500 pages) £50 + VAT
  • Amendment of report where error or fault by AC Medical Services Ltd – no charge
  • Amendment of report where error, omission or fault by claimant – £50+VAT
  • Work for MRO as per contract/SLA

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