Medico Legal For Attending Claimants

Medico Legal For Attending Claimants


It is not a cross-examination or interrogation.   The report is compiled by using a standard set of questions and computer-writing tool – a copy of a template can be downloaded below if you wish to check dates or compile information before you attend.

The process and integrity of your answers is important though.  The report is based largely (if not wholly) on your testimony/reported story and so if there are striking discrepancies this can damage your case.  An obvious example is past accidents and medical history.  If you state “no past accidents or past related medical problems” and there is clear evidence available to the third party’s representation (through the insurance database) this substantially affects the credibility of your account.


You are welcome to bring anyone you wish to, and they can remain in our comfortable waiting room or come into the consulting suite with you.  Children are welcome, and we do have Lego etc to occupy them but would ask you to keep them safe by keeping a close on roving little ones.  Where more than one claimant is in the same accident we usually see you all together – this helps with consistency of description of events


Solicitors ask that you bring two pieces of identification and one of them should have your photo on.  Gold standard is photo driving license, passport or national id card.  Acceptable other photo ID includes work ID, bus passes, disability badges.  Other supportive id includes utility bills, bank statements, store cards or membership cards with photo, birth certificates, marriage licenses.  If you do not have any form of photo ID you should still attend but we will not be able to confirm identification.


We audio-record the consultation and report writing process.  This is stored securely under GDPR-principles for a total of 3 years.  The purpose of recording and storage is to be able to prove or check accuracy of the report later.  We are unique in the UK doing this, but I believe in producing an accurate report and being able to defend it.   We do not use video equipment in the consultation room (there is CCTV in the waiting room and front door to keep claimant’s and their accompanying parties safe and to be able to open the door remotely if the receptionist is helping someone else).  If you are unhappy about the audio recording process, please contact us in advance with the contact form to the right.


The process takes as long as necessary; nominally appointments are booked at 15 minute intervals but it can occasionally take less and at times longer.  The duration depends on the amount of injuries, type of accidents and claimant factors.  We aim for you to feel “heard” and accurately cover all aspects of the claim/report.  At times this might mean there are delays in appointments.  Please be considerate in remembering someone else’s accident may have resulted in more serious injuries or distressing features and so might take longer than originally anticipated. 90% of appointments run on time or early.


We understand you have busy lives too; if you are late do not panic.  We will aim to accommodate late-attenders within the same clinic.  We of course, must prioritise latter clients who attend on time but won’t keep you waiting for any kind of punitive time.  On occasion, perhaps due to other medical commitments we might not be able to see beyond a clinic’s planned completion time and we will make a further convenient appointment for you.

Non-attendance is a problem.  Depending on the agency or solicitor you are booked through, the claimant can be charged up to £75 for a missed appointment (late attendance of more than 30 minutes from appointment, where the claimant can’t be seen the same day is considered non-attendance).  If you know you can’t attend please contact us with 48 hr notice, this avoids any charge.  Not all failed attendances are charged but we can guarantee that cancellations in advance are definitely not charged and it respects everyone’s time and helps us help you.


An examination of the areas affected, even when symptoms appear to have resolved is essential.  However, only minimal clothes will be removed, eg. Outside coats/scarves, thicker jumpers.  The examiner needs to be able to accurately feel where pain is or where it has cleared.  You will never be asked to remove clothes that would reveal any personal areas – even when injuries are in this area.  As a proxy and where appropriate please bring any pictures you have of bruising in such areas.  We may also ask you to press yourself in sensitive areas to demonstrate if a pain remains.  You are welcome to bring anyone to the appointment and they can be in the room with you for the whole process.  If no one can attend with you and you would prefer a female chaperone, please advise us in advance.  The examination often is confirmatory only and so takes minimal time compared to the extensive history taking and note recording – a typical examination takes a minute or two.

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